Man has been one of the most important subjects in art since time immemorial. Artistic development can be focused on the internal life of man, but man can only be a pretext to create a piece where the psychological aspect is not important. Alberto Giacometti used to say that he was not interested in the character of his model, because models were only means of painting a picture or creating a sculpture. The artistic piece was itself the objective and not an artistic description of the man who posed for it.

Man is also at the core of my creative activities, though not the real person, but an imaginary figure, who might have lived ages ago, may live somewhere far away now or may be born in the future. It is possible for someone to recognize himself, his friend or colleague in my paintings. Unlike Giacometti, I strive to paint not only the outer appearance of men, but also their character as I imagine it. Therefore, you are welcome to find yourself in my paintings.