Artur Żurawik



We met a couple of years ago. While travelling to Italy we had the opportunity to talk about something which had attracted both our attentions: art. Afterwards I came across his paintings and visited his studio. When you are in front of them, you get an irresistible sense of the painted people’s presence. The painter spares no colour for them, as if expressiveness were his policy. The people painted do not exist in reality or, in other words, they live in the painter’s imagination or… in some extraordinary gift of memory. The faces painted are so suggestive that it is hard to believe they don’t exist.

Artur Żurawik transformed his passion for painting into a genuine and vital part of his life. This is a very important fact from the perspective of art phenomena described in recent years. Post-modernist jabber which mixes absolutely everything according to the slogan I will make it in one way or the other as long as it looks clever has made us seek real and credible attitudes, people and art. I am absolutely convinced that the art of Artur Żurawik stems from his needs; it is authentic and doesn’t imitate anything. I appreciate the uniqueness of this painting expression.

Prof. Adam Brincken
Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków

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